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Water Damage

Appliance leaks

If your appliance is leaking, it can be a cause for concern. Leaks can happen for a variety of reasons, including a loose connection, a damaged hose, or a malfunctioning part.

Fire Damage

prepare for the unexeprected

Make sure your business knows what to do and who to call in an emergency.

What to do


Try to identify where the leak is coming from. If it’s from a visible hose or connection, you may be able to tighten or replace it yourself. If the source of the leak is not immediately apparent, it may be best to call a professional to diagnose and repair the problem.

Clean up

In the meantime, it’s important to clean up any water or other fluids that have leaked out. This will help prevent any damage to your flooring or other nearby surfaces, as well as reduce the risk of slipping and falling.

Seek professional help

Remember, if you’re unsure of how to handle a leak or other appliance issue, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and seek professional help from our team.

Preventing Water and Mold Damage 

Why you Need to contact professionals from NDS?

Water and mold damage can be devastating to our homes, businesses and lives. Regardless of the cause, when dealing with water or mold damage, immediate action is critical in restoring the property and belongings back to pre-loss condition… so you and everyone affected can get back to your lives.

At National Disaster Solutions, we understand the distress you are going through, and we have the experience, equipment and workforce to help you through this tough situation. When it comes to water damage restoration and mold remediation, our team of professionals will work tirelessly to restore the affected area back to normal.

We understand your needs. That's our job. Your job is to take a deep breath and know that we've got you covered.

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Recovery Partners make all the difference 

As a licensed environmental contractor, our clients depend on NDS to respond to a wide array of potential threats that could impact their properties and business. Our team and recovery partners are trained to answer the call arising from mold, hazardous materials, chemical spills, lead paint, asbestos, pathogens and other breaches of containment.

NDS TrackDown™

Our Approach to Proper Clean Up 

The NDS Environmental Group specializes in site assessment and clean-up programs as required by regulatory agencies to remediate specific site conditions that pose a potential threat to public health and safety. NDS' understanding of the critical elements involved with mold and environmental remediation allows us to engage additional third party specialists as necessary to perform proper assessment, risk-specific protocols and scope-of-work. More importantly, NDS will work with all involved parties to ensure deliverables and measured results are available in real time to front-line decision makers. This transparent approach, utilizing NDS TrackDown™ (cloud based software platform and mobile applications), enables us the ability to ensure everyone is on the same page - while maintaining critical documentation to validate proper reporting and regulatory cleanup requirements.

  • Just a phone call away
  • 24/7 priority emergency response
  • Managed assistance during emergencies
  • Access to continuing education courses
  • Pre-event planning
  • Timely, cost-effective recoveries

NDS PRIME™ Program

Your key to successful recovery

With NDS PRIME™ Program, you can proactively plan and minimize the impact of unforeseen events on your business.

  • Just a phone call away
  • 24/7 priority emergency response
  • Managed assistance during emergencies
  • Access to continuing education courses
  • Pre-event planning
  • Timely, cost-effective recoveries

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