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Become a Partner with NDS

Explore new opportunities with NDS to expand your reach, leverage expertise, and deliver exceptional disaster recovery and restoration solutions.

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At NDS, we believe in the power of partnerships to drive innovation, enhance service offerings, and deliver exceptional value to our clients. We invite you to explore the various partnership opportunities available and join us in our mission to provide top-quality disaster recovery and property restoration services.

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  • Service Provider Partnership
  • Referral Partnership
  • Research and Development Partnership
  • Supplier Partnership
  • Community Partnership

Explore your partner benefits

Service Provider Partnership

As a service provider, partnering with NDS allows you to offer a comprehensive suite of disaster recovery and property restoration solutions to clients. Collaborate with NDS to deliver seamless experiences and leverage their industry-leading expertise.

  • Expand service offerings and enhance your portfolio
  • Access to NDS's extensive knowledge and experience
  • Customized solutions tailored to clients' unique needs
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Referral Partnership

By becoming a referral partner, you can refer clients to NDS for reliable and expert disaster recovery and property restoration services. Earn referral commissions or other incentives while ensuring your clients receive the quality assistance they require.

  • Additional revenue stream through referral commissions
  • Strengthened client relationships and trust
  • Access to NDS's expertise and industry reputation
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Research & Development Partnership

Collaborate with NDS on research and development projects related to disaster management and recovery. Drive innovation, share resources, and develop new technologies, processes, and strategies to advance the industry.

  • Access to shared resources, research findings, and expertise
  • Opportunities for collaboration and joint innovation
  • Competitive edge through advancements in the field
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Supplier Partnership

As a supplier partner, collaborate with NDS to provide high-quality building materials, equipment, or technology solutions for their projects. Gain visibility as a preferred supplier and contribute to successful project outcomes.

  • Preferred supplier status and increased visibility
  • Streamlined operations and improved efficiency
  • Exposure to a wider audience within the industry
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Community Partnership

Join NDS in community partnership initiatives to support disaster preparedness and recovery efforts. Engage in joint campaigns, fundraising, and volunteer programs to make a positive impact in the communities you serve.

  • Social impact and contribution to community resilience
  • Enhanced brand reputation and corporate social responsibility
  • Opportunities for networking and collaboration with like-minded organizations
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Does NDS work with insurance companies?

Yes, NDS has extensive experience working with insurance companies. We can assist in navigating the insurance process, including collaborating with adjusters and providing the necessary documentation for claims.

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Unlock Valuable Benefits with NDS Partnership.

  • Expand Service Offerings and Strengthen Portfolio
  • Access Expertise and Extensive Knowledge
  • Customized Solutions for Clients
  • Create an Additional Revenue Stream through Referrals
  • Strengthen Client Relationships and Credibility
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