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Fire Damage

Structural Damage

Affects building integrity, including walls, floors, roofs, and support beams.

Fire Damage

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Overcoming Structural Fire Damage: Restoring Safety and Stability

Why you Need to contact professionals from NDS?

Structural fire damage has severe consequences, compromising building integrity and safety. Flames, heat, and smoke weaken walls, floors, and support systems, making the property unsafe for occupancy. Smoke, soot, and water add to the damage, posing health hazards and potential mold growth. At National Disaster Solutions, we have the experience, equipment and workforce to help you through this tough situation.

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NDS Leads you From Devastation to Restoration

NDS expertly restores structural fire damage, addressing visible and hidden issues. Trust our skilled team for comprehensive assessments and cutting-edge techniques, bringing back stability for a safe property.

1. Assessment and Damage Evaluation

The first step is to ensure that everyone is safe and has been accounted for. If necessary, seek medical attention immediately. Once everyone is safe, it's important to contact your insurance company to report the fire damage. They will guide you through the process of filing a claim and getting the necessary funds to repair or rebuild your property. In times of crisis, our professionals help bridge the gap between Insurance and FEMA Public Assistance (PA), while supporting recovery initiatives through NDS Managed Programs and pre-defined continuity of operations plans (COOP).

2. Securing the Property

NDS works with private and public entities both prior to and after an event as necessary to provide immediate response to ensure one's ability to recover in a timely and cost effective manner

After the fire is out, corrosive residues continue to deteriorate your remaining structure and contents. The water damage from extinguishing the fire extends beyond those areas affected by the fire, soot and smoke.

3. Water Extraction and Drying

Our professionals provide a quick emergency response to remove excess water, secure the building and begin immediate drying to save the remaining commercial structure and its contents.

4. Soot and Smoke Removal

When property and possessions burn, the soot and residue they create differs greatly, requiring a specific cleaning procedure. National Disaster Solutions provides quick emergency response to remove residual smoke, soot and excess water.

5. Structural Repairs and Reconstruction

We immediately begin the drying process to restore the contents and save the remaining structure. From controlled demolition and structural cleaning to reconstruction and restoring your contents, immediate action prevents permanent damage so you can get back to your daily routines.

6. Content Restoration

Whether cleaned on-site or packed and cleaned later in a controlled environment, using the latest in cleaning technology, skilled NDS technicians will clean, sanitize and deodorize most commercial contents that appear to be unrecoverable.

7. Odor Neutralization

Smoke and fire can seep into surfaces and damage walls, ceilings, fabrics, metals, tile and more. We are here for you and will be there to help you handle every aspect of the restoration and deodorization process. We'll take care of the smoke and soot removal, restoring every damaged area of your property.

8. Final Inspection and Handover

Projection completion will include handing your restored property back to you after a final inspection. Your new journey starts now.

NDS PRIME™ Program

Your key to successful recovery

With NDS PRIME™ Program, you can proactively plan and minimize the impact of unforeseen events on your business.

  • Just a phone call away
  • 24/7 priority emergency response
  • Managed assistance during emergencies
  • Access to continuing education courses
  • Pre-event planning
  • Timely, cost-effective recoveries

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