Williston City Hall Sinkhole Recovery

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project overview


Williston City Government


When a sudden sinkhole emerged beneath the Williston City Hall, the safety and security of the building and everyone inside became a top priority. FMIT TurnKey Recovery swiftly stepped in, taking decisive action to stabilize the structure and ensure the well-being of both City personnel and the community.

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how nds helped


Emergency Response, Restoration and Reconstruction


With their unparalleled expertise and swift response, SynergyNDS swiftly deployed the necessary resources to establish temporary offices, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of Williston City Hall despite the sinkhole challenge. By creating a seamless transition to temporary facilities, they ensured the continued provision of essential services to the community, demonstrating their commitment to efficient problem-solving and customer satisfaction.


“Wonderful to work with”

"NDS exceeded our expectations in every way. Their prompt response, professionalism, and expertise in handling our sinkhole issue at City Hall were truly remarkable. The team worked diligently to ensure the safety of our personnel and the public while keeping our operations running smoothly. We are grateful for their dedication and the exceptional service they provided during this challenging time. NDS is a trusted partner we can rely on for any future restoration needs."

Scott Lipmann, City Manager